Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daily Update - May 28th

Here are four shots I took on my way home from work today. The first is of a new Green Machine that was brought to the site today- a more powerful and reliable one than the one we started with, which seemed finicky, and actually broke down a few times. The new one is much better. The crew has learned which soil from the site makes the best bricks too, so today's bricks (second picture) are noticeably more uniform than yesterday's.

The foundation crew was also on site pouring concrete into the cinder block walls. They pour down the holes every 32" or so and drive a piece of rebar down the length of the wall. The last picture shows some of the finished area. This concrete will set up overnight, allowing for the framing carpenters to begin adding the first floor deck tomorrow. Maureen ran over to the site this afternoon to meet and pay the guy delivering the steel poles that will help support the house from the basement. She marveled at how he could back his big rig all the way from the Denit Estates Drive cul de sac. I guess he was afraid he wouldn't be able to turn around once he got to the work site.

Tomorrow the CEB crew will continue pressing out blocks and setting them aside to cure. The team is very efficiently sized for what its doing now, and I have to say that adding volunteers or other paid workers at this time probably wouldn't make the job go any faster. Where we'll need extra help is when the first floor deck is on, and we begin carrying blocks to the wall, while continuing production. We'll know better tomorrow or Friday, but it looks like the first day this could happen may be Saturday.


Kyle said...

Wow! I can't wait to help out! Keep me posted.

Soon...we'll be camping under the stars, sifting for gold and hunting bob cats.

Maureen said...

At least we won't be camping under the bobcat and sifting for stars!