Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12 - Post Two - Pump and Problem

The other new work done today was running water lines from the well into the house. The first shot is of Herb Dennison. He's our plumber. He and his son, Herb and helper Kevin came out and dug the trench from the well to the house and ran pipes into the foundation. There's two pipes because we anticipate installing an "open loop" geothermal system which runs the well water through the radiant heat flooring and then back down into the well. We can get away with this because our well is so deep - 360 feet (where it's cool) - and so productive- 13 gallons per minute during the yield test. It was nice that John Spears and Herb were there at the same time, as they were able to strategize some about the eventual design of our rain water collection system and how to effectively pipe it around inside the house.

We really hoped to have the pump installed and flowing water available by the end of the day to more easily keep the earth blocks damp. Unfortunately, as the Dennisons ran piping down into the well casing, they hit something that they couldn't pass about 140 feet down. Something (a rock?) has fallen down the well and is preventing passage of the piping. I'll have to call the well installers first thing in the morning and see what we do next. Hopefully they will be able to clear the well quickly and easily.

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