Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24 Updade

Here are Reginaldo and Chad. Reginaldo Fernandes is our foundation subcontractor. He was responsible for the excavation, pouring the footers, and putting up the cinder blocks walls His group will also pour the basement and garage slabs. It's quite a bit of tough, hard work. His cousin Guina was actually the foreman of our project until he proved unreliable and Reginaldo stepped in to manage the job. Under his leadership, things have proceeded very well.

Chad Hackmann is with UBuildIt Bethesda and serves us by providing a variety of project managment services, chief among them cost estimation and solicitation/coordination of bidders.
Among other things, I really appreciate his encouraging demeanor, positive attitude, and daily responsiveness. I can tell he really wants this project to succeed. Our architect had recommended him. He's worked with him on other jobs. Our construction loan lender, National City bank, was also very glad to learn UBuildIt Bethesda was a key part of our team. They told me that they found his projects stayed on schedule and budget.

We met at the site to coordinate the final blockwork and get ready for the waterproofing subcontractor who is scheduled to come on Friday. the architect and electrician were also out there coordinating things. Tom, our electrician confirmed that the pump sensor seemed to fail, explaining why the pump stopped giving water. Chad will follow up with the pump and sensor provider tomorrow. While we were all there, a large dump truck from the College Park area came with a load of fill dirt. We had solicited for dirt on Craig's list and a number of folks have responded. There's alot of fill that we want to do to allow entry front/back at grade level.

So we need to finish the blockwork this week, clear the debris around the house, waterproof and insulate the foundation, fix the pump, order the windows and exterior doors, order the roof trusses and shingles, coordinate the installation of electrical boxes into the CEB concrete columns, keep the fill dirt coming, and in our spare time research tile for the front foyer, revise our kitchen cabinet order, and keep looking for bathroom vanities, closet organizers, central vacuum installers and acid staining subs. Oh, did I mention finish painting our current home, reorganizing the garage, and taking stuff to our rental unit? Chad will work the stucco quotes, solve a few loose ends in the basement, nag the bidders about the radiant floor quotes, and generally try to stay ahead of things.

Lord, we commit it all again to You. Establish the work of our hands. (Psalm 90).

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