Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 7, A Good, Hot, Work Day

Michael and I (Kevin) along with friend Peter Dunne went out to the worksite a little after 7am. The work crew had just arrived and were setting up for the day. It was very foggy, which was nice, as it kept the sun at bay for a few hours. The first order of the day was to make a bridge across the "moat" to the house. It will be nice when the water proofing and backfilling of the foundation with dirt is finished. Meanwhile, to work on the house, you have to cross a plank which gets treacherous if you're carring anything heavy - like earth blocks.

Willie took a scrap piece of floor joist and some plywood and fashioned a nice ramp (complete with a handrail - see first picture). He also mounded up some dirt with the Bobcat to make the ramp not too steep. It works perfectly.

Willie's CEB crew was deployed all over the perimeter of the first floor stacking blocks. Mike, Pete and I loaded the scoop of the Bobcat with blocks and then parked it at the foot of the ramp where we could unload it more easily. Yes, that's Pete at the controls of the Bobcat. He's used a before, so Willie trusted him to move it around. Truth be told, I dont' think I carried more than about a dozen blocks across. By that time it was getting very hot, and my poor old body couldn't take the heat.

The CEB crew used chalk lines and care in lining and stacking the blocks. Partial blocks, where needed were made by using a strong blade on a generator-powered circular saw.

We stayed until around noon. The crew worked for a few hours after lunch, but were gone by mid afternoon when it got quite unbearably hot. We had a thunderstorm this evening. I hope everything is safe at the site.

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Peter Bang said...

wow it seems like you are making some major progress. and check out those muscles on mikey!