Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update June 14 - Mistakes Caught

It looked like we had a good two days of work, despite the heat. Unfortunately, looks were deceiving. Not that the workmanship was poor, but poor communication, and assumptions took their toll. Thursday the architect came by to check the windows. He seemed primarily interested in the height off the floor, which is what I saw him measuring. I had my own tape rule in hand, and purposed to check the windows myself. But John was "on it" and I went over to meet and work with the plumber. And then I got so hot, I decided to not to go back and do my own checking. Today I went out and found that the CEB workers misunderstood that R.O. (rough opening) on the plans did NOT mean the opening in the block for the window bucks, but the inside dimension of the bucks themselves when properly placed in the walls. In other words, the holes for the windows made in the last two days are three inches too small in width and height. Willie was surprised, expecting that the architect would have caught the error, but agreed that they needed to be redone. He's going to have members of the crew there tomorrow correcting things.

Meanwhile, I walked over to look out the kitchen "window." This is what Maureen can look forward to. It may be that the trellis out the back helps to hide the power lines. Oh - we'll move the plastic entagled dirt mound for her too.

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