Thursday, June 5, 2008

We lost a day of work yesterday because of the severe weather, but thankfully nothing bad happened out at the site. The small shade canopy didn't even blow away. The cinder blocks tied to the corners did their job. No one was there when I got there this evening, but it looks like the two work crews had a good day.

The top picture shows how Reginaldo (I need to get his picture) and the cinder block crew moved up the basement window that was placed too low. The next picture shows how they also prepped the rest of the basement windows to have concrete structural beams poured above each of them (per the architect's specification).

Willie and the CEB crew made good progress building up the garage walls and placing window bucks where the east-facing windows will be placed. You can see the area to the right of the southmost one where they'll pour a reinforcing column. It looks like Willie may have sprayed the walls down shortly before I got there. They were drying unevenly.

The final picture is the same wall viewed from the other direction, but not showing the window bucks. What also doesn't show is that the site was a muddy mess today because of all the storms yesterday.

I decided to take off from work tomorrow to catch up with many things. I hope to go over to the site with Michael in the middle of the afternoon to see whether we can help stack the CEBs. It looks like Willie is planning to finish the garage before setting the perimeter of the house with CEBs. I'll confirm this tomorrow.

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