Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update June 3rd - A Step Backward; a View Forward

It was a day of solving self-inflicted problems. Through miscommunication among the members of the foundation crew, one of the basement window openings was set way too low in the wall. This should be corrected tomorrow, weather permitting. Likewise, the architect had decided to add a reinforcing column in one of the CEB garage walls that was finished yesterday. Again, something not adequately communicated, resulting in blocks needed to be taken out of the wall to allow space for the column. We'd love to waterproof and backfill the house to make it easier to work on the walls, but we're delayed trying to get a better price on the waterproofing job. It's almost time to order the windows, and we need to meet with the architect to pick the exterior color of the house, windows and roof. It's hard to know whether we can afford the metal roof that our architect prefers. Oh yeah - still have to get the well pump going so that we can keep the CEBs damp on dry days. Today it just seems like there's 6 things to do and 7 to think about.

So I climbed up onto the first floor deck of the house and dreamed a bit. The third picture above is what the view from the Great Room will look like - minus the dirt mound and plastic. The rye grass is partially harvested and the swallows dive low through the field. We will have a great place to live in and minister out of in just six or seven months. God help us get there.

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Maureen said...

The view down the valley makes me feel like flying.