Monday, June 2, 2008

Update June 2nd - Willie and Watering Walls

Here's Willie, the foreman of the CEB-making crew. He's standing in front of the first wall made from the CEBs - the north wall of the garage. Actually, the wall's not finished. It needs to go up about a third higher and get topped with a bond beam between two concrete pillars that holds it in place.

In the second picture, Wayne Nelson says "good bye" to the blocks by wetting them down. They need to stay damp for about a week to cure most effectively. Wayne is leaving Willie in charge now to complete the effort. He's off tomorrow to be with his son in College Park as he competes as part of a team from Georgia in the 2008 World Finals of the Odessey of the Mind. From there they head back to Georgia, and then to Brazil where his wife was born. Meanwhile, we hope to have a pump installed soon in our water well to facilitate spaying the blocks down.

We learned today that several correctable errors were made in the foundation - a wrong window height, an offset in the pad location for one of the support beams, and missing headers over the window openings. I'm told these thing are "par" on the building course, but they're never happy discoveries. In this case, we hope it won't cost much in time or money to fix them. Lord help us catch all the mistakes before they're really hard - or impossible - to fix.

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