Monday, June 9, 2008

Update June 9 - A Blisteringly Hot Day

Here's how we looked this evening. You can see that the pile of ~5000 CEBs that were made last week is dwindling. Willie told me they'd probably be making more bricks tomorrow. Some progress was made everywhere around the perimeter of the house, but with the afternoon heat index well above 100 degrees, it's not hard to imagine the crew was moving a bit slow today. Tomorrow's supposed to be another scorcher, but we should get some relief by Wednesday.

The second picture shows the progress on the west wall, looking north. The third picture shows the view along the front of the house looking east, toward the garage. The fourth picture shows it's still quite muddy in spots around the work site. We got enough quick winds and rain in the last thunderstorm to cause another small mud slide along the south wall (5th picture). We'll have to have this dug out to place the foundation drains that are part of the water proofing system. Our tent canopy got damaged too - not too surprising with all the winds - but it's still functional.

I asked John (the architect) and Chad (the UBuildIt Project Manager) to hold a telecon with me on Wednesday afternoon to make sure we're all coordinated. There's alot going on, and we need to stay in sync. Hopefully by month's end, the foundation will be waterproofed and backfilled, the walls will be up, the roof trusses will have arrived, and our windows will be ordered. Not to mention the well being activated, the electrician placing boxes in the concrete columns before they're poured, and perhaps the basement slab being poured (not before the insulation, rough-in plumbing and radiant heat components are put in place). We've also got to schedule the septic field folks, get the sprinkler system contractor started on their design, and get the
roofers lined up (and probably a bunch of other things I'm not thinking of...). Lord help us all!!

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